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DXHB51 Deluxe High Bay Luminaire  

The DELUXE High Bay Induction Luminaire is ideal for industrial and commercial environments like warehouses, gymnasiums, sports facilities, conventions and retail outlet. This fixture gives out even illumination on both horizontal and vertical planes.

Features a durable, corrosion-resistant, die-cast aluminum ballast enclosure with an white powder coated finish. The ballast compartment features either external, heat-dissipating fins or leaves ballast core exposed to extend ballast life. Available with 22’’ spun anodized aluminum reflector or 22’’ prismatic acrylic refractor to provide smooth even illumination.

Utilizes an electronic ballast, producing a high-frequency current, controlled by an integrated circuit (IC) chip allowing a power factor of up to 99%. Minimum operating temperature of -25°C (-13°F), maximum operating temperature of 50°C (122°F).


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